Lara Bohinc’s new work demonstrates her deft use of metalworking techniques and her geometric, yet intricate and feminine, signature style. The pieces continue Bohinc Studio’s celestially inspired furniture designs. “I have always been fascinated by cosmic forms”, says Lara Bohinc, “and manipulating these shapes into furniture design. This collection reflects my fascination for planets like Saturn, which seem to be caught within their rings, and has inspired these designs of spherical and tubular shapes, encased within outer forms.”

Bohinc explores the combination of delicate lightweight metalwork and plump upholstery with two different seating collections, creating substantial and comfortable forms that seem to float. Expressed with a connected design language, spherical upholstered shapes are set in the subtle lines of the graphic metalwork, the soft cushions elegantly held by the metal structure. Constructed from galvanised steel square rod and wool fabric, the pieces are fresh and ebullient.

All Planetaria pieces are made by hand using geometric and intricate metalwork, in small artisanal workshops in Portugal, and combine traditional craft and modern technology.