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The new Planetaria lights are both geometric and organic. The lights represent an exploration of the globe; one created by folding and rotating three flat circles to create a single sphere, which itself encases a reflective glass orb. The seed pod quality of the design adds an organic influence of mother nature to the collection’s geometric form. Dimmable illumination is created by LED lights, which nestle within the metal cage. The light is further enhanced by the additional reflections and refractions that ricochet off the central clear glass orb, illuminating the brass sphere like a ball of fire.

The light is illuminated by 12 V LED lights and has dimmable switch. It comes with an European plug. The light is not certified and is sold as illuminated art piece. Please note that this light emits atmospheric ambient light, it is not strong bright light.


Please note that all the lights are handmade and some slight variations in the colour of metalwork are normal and part of its charm.

Please keep the light away from direct sunlight  as the glass sphere may act as a prism and cause fire. Because of that please do not position the light on or close to  any combustible materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, wood and some plastics.

Each piece of furniture is individually numbered and comes with a signed Certificate of authenticity to prove that it is Bohinc Studio original.

Estimated Production Time: 
8-10 weeks

MATERIAL: Dark brass frame with clear glass sphere
DIMENSIONS: 157 x 157 x height 139 mm
Handmade in Portugal.