With sustainability increasingly shaping the design world, at Bohinc Studio we rely on durable design solutions.

‘In order to be environmentally friendly, pieces have to be either durable or made from materials that can be fully recycled and transformed completely into new products’, says Lara Bohinc, whose furniture for Bohinc Studio is predominantly made of metal. ‘Metal is not only long-lasting, it can also be reused infinitely. With its inherent longevity and durability, metal is viable from both economic and environmental point of view, making it one of the only truly eco-friendly materials to make furniture with. No other material can be used over and over again to produce such long lasting usage.’

Most of our furniture is made from either steel or brass, and both are some of the most recycled metals today. Once steel is produced, it is reused infinitely, unlike wood and plastic it is only used and never consumed. As for brass, it’s fabrication is highly dependent on the recycling of scrap brass and copper. In addition, when comparing the recycle process of brass to that of other metals, brass is significantly more energy efficient. Brass can be recycled many times over without diminishing the composition so it means that the recycling process can continue time and time again.