Finding inspiration in planetary orbits, whose gravitationally curved trajectories drive the lines and shapes of the designs. Constructed from thin square metal rods, the designs play with circles and straight lines to create pieces that are delicate, light but complex.

The Orbit Family marked Bohinc’s first exploration in chair design. The challenge was to create a form both light and delicate, yet stable and sturdy enough for its basic function, which required extensive testing. The deep, circular cushions are upholstered in Kvadrat wool fabric and finished with a pleasingly puffy, marshmallow-like appearance to create genuine comfort and support.

The pieces are manufactured from 12 mm square steel rods, which are laser-cut and welded to form combinations of semi circles and straight lines. This creates a playful and layered table with the striking verdigris copper table tops that contrast with the structural rods, fabricated in either dark chocolate bronze or a brass coated steel. The Orbit tables are handmade in Italy, combining traditional craft and modern finishing techniques, and are released in limited edition of 10.