First shown at Alcova for Milan Design Week 2022, ‘Peaches’  is a collection of seating from designer Lara Bohinc. Unified by smooth curves and soft surfaces, ‘Peaches ’ is Bohinc’s most curvaceous and organic collection to date - a pure celebration of femininity and the female form. Comprising three pieces; Big Girl armchair, Derrière armchair and Peachy pouffe, ‘Peaches’ is inspired by the female body and its curves. Each piece represents huggable feminine figures, expressed with voluptuous smooth curves, shapely surfaces and fleshy folds that are reminiscent of bosoms and bottoms. “The female form has always been a source of inspiration in art, photography and design but often with an unrealistic eye or as a response to society’s perception of how the female body ’should’ look. I wanted the Peaches collection to be a pure and unabashed celebration of femininity and the female form, celebrating every curvy, voluptuous and fleshy detail.” - Says Bohinc
Handmade in a North London upholstery workshop, wood and steel make up the bones of each piece. A foam layer is used to create the smooth curves and creates comfort for the sitter. The pieces are completed with wool upholstery adding softness and texture.
"Although my previous work has always had a feminine touch, my pieces have often featured more geometric qualities. The Peachy collection is my most curvaceous to date, reminiscent of all the gorgeous shapes of a woman’s body and with no straight lines or sharp angles in sight.” - Says Bohinc