Afternoon Tea was exhibited for the first time in America in November 2021 and was introduced in Design Miami/’s Curio programme by curator Natalie Kovacs. The exhibition was Bohinc’s most revelatory and feminine work to date. Conceived during Bohinc’s time of isolation in London, these works are sculpted as functional fantasies, taking inspiration from sweet tactile rituals of ‘Afternoon Tea’ hence the title of the exhibition and this new body of work. “Materials play an important role in Lara’s practice - particularly with this playful edition of pieces. A departure from Lara’s geometric lexicon, this work expresses warmth through spherical language in a minimalistic form of optimism” says Natalie Kovacs. “The pandemic forced us all to spend more time at home, and I realised that I wanted my pieces to make you feel loved, cocooned and happy. I also wanted to create pieces that look like they are good enough to eat.” says Lara Bohinc.
The exhibition included five functional works sculpted to reflect their namesakes; Profiterole Table, Kipferl Desk, Patisserie Table, Afternoon Chair and the Kissing Armchair. The new pieces were exhibited alongside Bohinc’s Moonrise wall lights for Roll and Hill and South Pole wall hanging from collaboration with Kasthall.