The deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form has inspired much of designer Lara Bohinc's work. Discs echoing planetary forms are bisected or overlaied to create surface patterns and structural elements, forming dynamically poised objects in marble and brass.

The Lunar Collection started with the launch of the Solaris Kinetic Table at Wallpaper’s Handmade exhibition in Milano at FuoriSalone in 2014. The collection is fabricated entirely from marble and metal, overcoming the engineering challenge involved in achieving the kinetic movement to the physical structure. The pieces are constructed from steel and aluminium, that form each circular base, into which laser cut sheets of marble are set, rather like precious jewellery. Ancient stone marquetry work such as Pietra Dura and Opus Sectile is closely related to Bohinc’s experience in marrying contrasting stones into perfect metalwork, encapsulating much of her design vocabulary. Those techniques involve both state of the art manufacturing approaches and countless hours of painstaking hand-finishing. The Half Moon dining table requires over 100 hours’ work by the craftsmen, while the smaller tables are only marginally less time-demanding. Each marble section is unique, and the variations in colour and pattern make each piece truly special.