Bohinc Studio has a strong and singular visual language that is easily recognisable throughout its ranges of small to large scale furniture and objects. These pieces are created in a variety of natural materials, including stone, glass, ceramics, wood, wool and predominantly metal. Metal is one of our preferred materials and is one of the most sustainable materials, with infinite recycling possibilities. We do not use animal skins in our products, nor produce any objects made from plastic.

We only work with small artisanal workshops in Italy and Portugal, where the teams are treated fairly and respectfully, and using only responsible production practices.

Our products speak for themselves on an emotional, physical and intellectual level. Aesthetically speaking we are always trying to develop the visual language of design, and to contribute to the future cultural landscape, whilst we explore expressions of functional elegance and beauty.

We try to marry innovation with craft, combining contemporary industrial techniques of laser and waterjet cutting, CNC milling, spark eroding and computer modelling with ancient craft techniques of metal forming, glass blowing, ceramic casting and urushi making. Nurturing old craft techniques is very important to us, we believe they should survive alongside hi tech industrial processes. Often the marriage of the two can produce contemporary and beneficial results, not just to communities but also to environment.

Our studio works to commission with galleries and interior designers, we produce our own line of objects and furniture, we do residencies with local craftsmen and collaborations with selected brands. In the past we have collaborated with Roll&Hill, Kasthall, Skultuna and Lapicida and we have shown our own collection at Milan, London Design Weeks and Design Miami, as well as at PAD, Salon and Nomad with Gallery Fumi.