Commissioned by Gallery FUMI, the “Relic Lights” by Lara Bohinc started from the idea of how contemporary geometric forms would look if they were lost, buried or concealed and then rediscovered centuries later. As a designer, Bohinc is fascinated by the idea of “ancient modernity” or “future past”; objects that cannot be placed within a certain time, or differentiated from past or future. For Bohinc, this is what defines ageless design.

Unlike many of Bohinc’s work, which encompasses more industrial and geometric characteristics, the “Relic Lights” aesthetic language appeals to innate and organic forms. Their grid-like design being inspired by primeval stalactites, cages and wild hanging gardens.

With each light constructed entirely out of steel and jesmonite, this series is a new direction for Bohinc, The application of jesmonite mixed with marble dust is applied organically by hand, onto the rigid geometric steel construction. Illuminated by various clusters of LED lights, the effect combined with this material produces an icy, snowed under glowing effect. The resulting pieces create an ambience that is both ethereal and captivating.

Material : Bronze Jesmonite

Height : 150mm