In September 2019, Bohinc Studio opened its doors to the Lunar House, a pop up showroom to mark the Moon landing’s 50th anniversary during this year’s London Design Festival. Space and planets continue to inspire the designs of Lara Bohinc, who presents aptly named new pieces such as the Jupiter vase and the Juno box at the Lunar House, alongside the freshly launched Planetaria collection and a selection from Lara’s collaboration with Kasthall.  

With the Lunar House, Bohinc Studio presents its signature style in a full interior set up for the first time. The brand comes to life through Lara’s spatial treatment of a Victorian townhouse in the King’s Cross Design District. Curved undulated walls mix with period and futuristic aesthetics. The walls and floor are dark petrol blue, like the cosmos itself, and the objects and furniture dot the space like stars in the sky. The pieces in cream, tomato red, and sky blue colours, highlighted by brass frames, complement and contrast the dark space. ‘Colour has always been an important part of my design aesthetic, adds Lara Bohinc. I love to use it to highlight contrasts and create bold statements’. 


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