London, 14th September 2020

To mark the 18th edition of London Design Festival (12 - 20 September 2020), Bohinc Studio launches “ion” - a new lighting collection.

ion, (meaning ‘going’ in Greek), continues the studio’s research into shapes inspired by the rings of Jupiter, which originally produced the Jupiter vase (September 2019); brass within an arrangement of solid, parallel carved marble rods, each echoing the other’s arc.

With ion, Lara Bohinc applies this form to concepts of lighting, in which parallel rods expressing Jupiter’s rings are reinterpreted as solid cylindrical beams of light. The designs embody the idea of two light rays, captured in time, as they emanate from their corresponding metal expressions. The resulting forms are simultaneously familiar and yet futuristic.

“For this year’s edition of LDF, I especially wished to capture a sense of optimism through my design” adds Lara Bohinc. “Futurism implies movement, glorifies modernity and seeks departure from antiquity - through evolution, revolution or
disruption. I explored new forms inspired by the Jupiter vase, to find new ways for the parallel rings to rupture away from their true concentric forms, to become movement and light.”

The futuristic ion collection is presented within the fictional context of an alternative future, in which nature retakes its hold on our world; deserted cities and houses are overgrown by tropical plants. The result entwines the inside with the outside, signifying nature’s irrepressible desire for growth. “Over the past few months, like many others, I have been reflecting on what the future might look like” concludes Lara Bohinc. “During the quiet of the pandemic, whilst people
were leaving cities for the countryside, nature seemed more powerful, more vibrant and wild animals increasingly roamed urban areas. For the photo shoot, we imagined such a future, in which plants have taken over abandoned
town houses in the metropolis.”

Press on the PLAY button to listen "ion collection" playlist composed by sound artist Mimi Xu