Lara Bohinc designed, in collaboration with Kasthall, a collection which comprises of two rugs, two wall hangings, and a range of decorative cushions. The pallete of muted pastels and rusts is drawn from nature, and all of the products are handmade in Kasthall's own factory in Sweden.

All of the rugs, wall hangings and cushions contain a mix of different wool grades and yarn types. Lara has twisted Kasthall’s famous high quality, natural materials and taken them to new heights. The entire collection has been created using woollen yarns and, in some places, a mixture of woollen and flax yarns. Selected elements have been tufted using overspun felting yarn, with both cut and loop pile, creating a glorious bouclé loop texture. 

'The patterns that I have designed are derived from my graphic language of opposing circles and curves with straight and angular geometric lines. It is all about contrasts and finding symmetry within asymmetry. The design rhythm was inspired by Japanese zen gardens, mixing full areas with cleaner empty spaces', says Lara Bohinc.