In February 2017 I have carried out artist residency at Bauer in Venice. Venturi collection is inspired by my encounters with this beautiful city on water. Metal frames hold the glass vases and are reminiscent of the foundations upon which Venice was built: the metal is strong, rigid and geometric; the glass like water, being fluid, organic and irrepressible. Venice is synonymous with water and glass is the perfect material to represent this, also being one of the city’s most celebrated materials and traditions.

The main raw material used to make glass is silica sand. Fire is the catalyst which transforms this sand into a hot liquid mass in the furnace, which is heated up to 1500 degree Celsius. Once a hot blob is formed, it can then be handblown. The voluptuous forms are blown from within a metal cage and then cooled down in the furnace over a couple of days. Once cooled the glass is cut and polished.
The process of hand blown glass forms unique, organic pieces which were produced at Murano’s artisanal workshop Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team. All Venturi vases are unique pieces.