Moooi: Design Dreams Podcast

Moooi: Design Dreams Podcast

Lara Bohinc | Designing beauty with ethical resonance

Design Dreams - S1 / E12


Explore Lara Bohinc’s design journey in episode 12 of Design Dreams. The Slovenian-born London-based designer reflects on the profound impact of beauty on happiness, her constant quest for diverse inspiration, the criteria shaping her creative process, and a vision for an ethically positive design future amid global challenges.

After a decade-long stint with Cartier, exploring sculpture through jewellery, Lara Bohinc embarked upon creating functional pieces for living. Finding the larger medium so compelling, upon working on private commissions, she launched her own studio in 2016 to dedicate her practice to object and furniture design.


About Design Dreams Podcast

Design Dreams is a podcast series where creatives talk about their creative philosophies, where they get their inspiration and creativity from, how they envision the future, and what A Life Extraordinary means to them.