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Commissioned by Gallery FUMI for presentation at PAD London (1 - 7 October 2018), “The Willow Light” by Lara Bohinc was originally inspired by her visit to a wonderfully overgrown ancient Japanese garden. The abundant wisteria and weeping willow trees seemed to keep hidden secrets beneath their dripping fronds and led Bohinc to adopt a more organic geometrical style to interpret their form with this lamp and its semi-obscured bulb arrangement. “Willow’s form is close to mother nature’s own geometry, adds Lara Bohinc, that always creates harmony from combinations of regularity and random asymmetry.”

During the development of the metalwork, the oriental shape was further enriched with Victorian inspirations, including exotically planted conservatories, cloistered archways and heavy cushion tassels.

Each light is constructed entirely from brass at Bohinc’s workshop in Italy, the brass is hand blackened to lend the feeling of timelessness, weight and ancient substance to its form.

Branching out from the central trunk are the nine pendulous florets, formed by elongated fingerlike brass rods, each elegantly illuminated by one long LED light nestling at the centre, reminiscent of the long neck of a flower’s style.

The resulting piece is a sculptural play on nature, with a beautifully imposing presence that is both peaceful and captivating.

Material : Brass

Dimensions: 600 diameter width x 1600 mm height

Limited edition: 8 + 2


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