“Peaches” in SEEING RED show at Phillips London Galleries

“Peaches” in SEEING RED show at Phillips London Galleries

London, 16th March 2024

Phillips presents SEEING RED, a selling exhibition curated by Jane Neal and Fru Tholstrup, featuring over 70 works by 40 artists exploring how we ‘see red’. A bold and evocative hue, the colour red holds deep emotive and cultural significance for many communities, symbolising luck, joy, passion, danger, love, and more. Throughout history, red has played a significant role in spiritual rituals, adorned cave walls, and held deep-rooted cultural and emotional importance. Associated with warmth and richness, red is also linked to power, as seen in its use by politicians and royalty.

SEEING RED encourages personal reflection on how we ‘see red’ and the symbolic meaning of the colour red. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to reflect on different artistic interpretations of ‘seeing red’, with highlights including works by Marina Abramović, Alma Berrow, Lara Bohinc, Dale Chihuly, Martin Eder, Alexis Soul-Gray, Fredrikson Stallard, and David Brian Smith, among others.

SEEING RED will be on display in Phillips London Galleries on Berkeley Square from 16 to 24 March.


Lara Bohinc is presenting Big Girl armchair and Peaches pouffe as part of this show.

Big Girl armchair and Peaches pouffe are pieces from ‘Peaches’, a collection of sculptural seating from Lara Bohinc. Unified by smooth curves and soft surfaces, ‘Peaches ’ is Bohinc’s most curvaceous and organic work to date - a pure celebration of femininity and the female form. The pieces represents huggable feminine figures, expressed with voluptuous smooth curves, shapely surfaces and fleshy folds that are reminiscent of bosoms and bottoms.

Bohinc says "Red has always been my favourite colour and for me  it represents a primal connection to life. I always instinctively gravitate towards this colour with a childlike enthusiasm; I'm drawn to its vitality and ability to provoke raw emotion. Red represents the essence and the driving force of life, it symbolises pure joy and it is a perfect colour to showcase the lustful and loveable nature of Peaches."