Venturi Pumpkin Blue Vase </br> Murano Glass and Metal
Venturi Pumpkin Blue Vase </br> Murano Glass and Metal

Venturi Pumpkin Blue Vase
Murano Glass and Metal

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Lara Bohinc’s collection is inspired by her encounters with Venice. Metal frames hold Bohinc’s Murano glass vases and are reminiscent of the foundations upon which Venice was built: the metal is strong, rigid and geometric; the glass likes water, being fluid, organic and irrepressible. 

This playful twist on the foundations of Venice is the inspiration behind this collection – a marriage of opposites is also found in the Hotel Bauer’s modern and neogothic architecture, in seamless union in spite of their different architectural movements. And like Venice, The Bauer is hosting to a set of dichotomies – the embodiment of contradictions and geometry with the organic – a theme that Bohinc expresses in this collection. 

Venice is synonymous with water and glass is the perfect material to represent this, also being one of the city’s most celebrated materials and traditions. The voluptuous forms in this body of work are blown from within a metal cage and this style also features in traditional Venetian sculptural glass. 

Bohinc has created the Venturi Collection in ruby red, rose, sapphire and white filigrana glass, with the metal frames glazed in bronze. The process of handblown glass forms unique, organic pieces and Bohinc oversaw their production at Murano’s artisanal workshop Massimiliano Schiavo Art team. 

Each vase is handmade in Venice from Murano glass in a small artisanal workshop. All Venturi vases are unique pieces.

MATERIAL: Murano glass and metal
DIMENSIONS: height 30cm, bottom 13.5 x 13.5cm, top 8 x 8cm