Saturn Hoops <br /> Platinum on Brass
Saturn Hoops <br /> Platinum on Brass

Saturn Hoops
Platinum on Brass

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Eclipse collection is one of Bohinc’s most developed and innovative collections in terms of craftsmanship and design. Each piece is made from brass hexagonal snake chains, that are meticulously soldered, side by side, involving hours of precise soldering. This collection is made purely from chain and constructed entirely by hand. The chains orbit the body in a series of fluid, parallel lines, reminiscent of superhighways and intersecting paths. The effect is both solid and sensually flexible, and infuses classic Hollywood elegance with astrological precision.

This collection is inspired by planetary movements and contains some of Bohinc’s most signature pieces such as the Solar Eclipse Bracelet, Saturn Earrings, and Lunar Necklace. The Eclipse collection has been worn by modern icons such as Kate Moss, Madonna and Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, recognising it as a design classic.

Available in:
22ct yellow gold plated brass
Platinum plated brass 

MATERIAL: Platinum plated brass 
DIMENSIONS: height 47mm, width 45mm, depth 5mm