Urushi Boxes


London, October 2018 - Urushi Boxes are part of "Now and then" exhibition at Gallery FUMI.

Gallery FUMI
2 Hay Hill, Mayfair, London W1J 6AS

In November 2017, Lara Bohinc carried out a two week artist residency in Wajima, Japan, known as the manufacturing heart of Urushi, the centuries old Japanese lacquer technique. This is the first time Bohinc has created an object using lacquer and also her first time working with wood. Urushi boxes are an important part of the Japanese lacquer industry, and Bohinc has created two boxes combining this ancient technique with her signature geometric and playful style. The shapes are inspired by architecture, Bauhaus and children’s wooden toys. They resemble an assemblage of autonomous components, but form one harmonious body.