Milano Salone 2017


Bohinc Studio is launching two new products which are being presented at FuoriSalone and MiArt in Milan, April 2017.


Fortress Vase

Designer Lara Bohinc explores the marriage of ancient and futuristic form in the new Fortress Vase range, which has created a more complex geometric and modern structure from the original inspiration of the octagonal towers at the Diocletian Palace in Croatia. The resulting hexagonal blocks interlock and embrace to allow the play of light and shade on the many surfaces and angles.

There are four Fortress shapes: the larger Column and Castle (45cm height), the Pillar (30cm height) and the Tower vase (37cm height). These are hand made from ceramic in a small Italian artisanal workshop and come in three finishes: dark gold, bronze and speckled white.

Collision Light

The deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form has inspired much of designer Lara Bohinc’s work and here results in her very first lighting design. The collision theme has also featured in previous Bohinc work, in both jewellery and objects. The light here is about the collision of spherical quarters, which are struck violently together to form one broken sphere. The lights are made in Italy of metal frame and white acrylic domes, and come in two table lamp sizes, one composed from 20cm sphere and the larger from 40cm sphere. The ceiling lamp is also constructed from the 40cm sphere.