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In November 2017, I have carried out a two week artist residency in Wajima, Japan, known as the manufacturing heart of Urushi....
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Metal is probably my favourite material. It is so malleable and yet so hard and durable, it can last thousands of years and yet you can always....
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I Initially designed Fortress vessels to be electro-formed in copper and eventually I tested them in ceramics. Due to its complex...
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Relic Lights and Haunted chandelier started from the idea of how contemporary geometric forms would look if they were lost....
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Marble is a stiff material to work with of course – you can’t pour it or mould it or bend it, so all you can do is carve it or shape....
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In February 2017 I have carried out artist residency at Bauer in Venice. Venturi collection is inspired by my encounters with this beautiful city on...
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