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The Lunar Collection introduces the Half Moon dining table, the Sun and Moon coffee table and the Full Moon side table. Discs echoing planetary forms are bisected or overlaid to create surface patterns and structural elements, forming dynamically-poised bases and tops set within brass frames.

The juxtapositioning of charismatic marbles including Calacatta Oro, Carrara, Pink Onyx, Fior Di Bosco, Oak Grey and Nero Antico picks up another of Bohinc’s central inspirations for this collection: the historic buildings of Venice, where complex marble inlay has been a decorative art for centuries. Ancient stone marquetry work such as Pietra Dura and Opus Sectile is closely related to the jeweller’s art of marrying contrasting stones into a perfect whole, underlining Lara’s own design vocabulary.

The table has two slightly visible solder joints on the metal rim (where the two circles meet). Please note that these is not an imperfections, but they are integral part of the piece. The frame is made of brass galvanised steel metalwork. The exact colour of metal may vary slightly from the photos.

Please note that no two marbles are alike and there will be variations in the pattern as well as in the colour of  the pieces.

Each piece of furniture is individually numbered and comes with a signed Certificate of authenticity to prove that is Bohinc Studio original.
Limited edition of 10 pieces.

Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

Estimated Production Time: 
9-12 weeks

WEIGHT: approximately 80kg
Handmade in Italy.