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Lara Bohinc continues to work with ancient and futuristic forms with new Fortress designs, further exploring the complex geometry of this range. The hexagonal shapes interlock and embrace, creating a dynamic play of light and shade on the many surfaces and angles. 

Fortress Spire Vase has a more complex silhouette, the shape has a slim base that widens and contracts, culminating in the flared top (280 mm height). 

Fortress Cupola Vase has a long elegant neck that flares dramatically towards the bottom, making a wide base (280mm height). 

Fortress Treasury Box is also a new product to the design range and explores the shape with dramatic contrast between the main width and the base and lid, which both finish with elegantly smaller angular form. 

Fortress Militia Candlesticks express the angular design style in a new form and are made in two height options. When positioned close together, the two candlesticks seem to lean in to support each other (240mm and 200mm height). 

The collection comes in red, petrol, dark gold, iron, bronze and white crackle finishes.



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