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Relic Lights

  Commissioned by Gallery FUMI, the “Relic Lights” by Lara Bohinc started from the idea of how contemporary geometric forms would look if they were lost, buried or concealed and then rediscovered centuries later. As a designer, Bohinc is fascinated by the idea of “ancient modernity” or “future past”; objects that cannot be placed within a certain time, or differentiated from past or future. For Bohinc, this is what defines ageless design. Unlike many of Bohinc’s work, which encompasses more industrial and geometric characteristics, the “Relic Lights” aesthetic language appeals to innate and organic forms. Their grid-like design being inspired by primeval stalactites, cages and wild hanging gardens. With each light constructed entirely out of steel and jesmonite, this series...

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Friendship Bench

In early 2014, designer Lara Bohinc acquired a commission by Kensington and Chelsea Council for an art project for Golborne Forum, which could include a piece of art or design to symbolise the area. Golborne Road and the surrounding area has long been home to an incredibly diverse community with Moroccan, Portuguese, Irish, Jewish and Afro Caribbean communities residing there, side by side for over a century. This public, sculptural bench has been commissioned to bring together the various features of this diverse part of London.   The bench reflects the vibrant mix of culture in the area, with five separate ribbons making up its structure, each one marginally different in shape and size, yet together they form one harmonious flowing...

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